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Winter Quarter 2014:
Classes are in session from 6 January through 19 March. Please plan accordingly and manage your time well. Questions? You may e-mail me or ring me at 253.335.8050. Check Twitter for the latest updates.

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Please keep the above quote in mind whenever you decide to commit thought to paper . . . or in our case, your digital document, e-mail, or discussion board posts. In this class, we will learn the rudiments of citing sources for academic writing, and for some of you, the rudiments of academic writing. Developing historical mindedness requires one to dig below the surface, to develop a sense of logic, and to hone the skills to communicate clearly. You will be required to post to the class discussion board, complete the citation exercise (which comes in two parts), and submit rough drafts for your research paper.

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For details on writing assignments, please return to the Class Schedule page or click here.

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