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Winter Quarter 2014:
Classes are in session from 6 January through 19 March. Please plan accordingly and manage your time well. Questions? You may e-mail me or ring me at 253.335.8050. Check Twitter for the latest updates.

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Edmodo Discussions AND Class Assignments:


Edmodo Class Code:  vwiut9

Edmodo is a secure "social media"-type (think: skinnier Facebook) that is conducive to group interaction and communication.  Rather than the bulletin-board format that many online students are used to, Edmodo streamlines the process so students can quickly shift from their respective group interaction to catching up very quickly on class-at-large information.  In fact, if one looks to the right margin, one can see icons that link to feeds from Edmodo for each Hist&146 class this term.  Assignments for discussions can be submitted very easily and one does not even have to log in through a computer to keep up with one's classmates.  Edmodo also has a mobile site and allows students to send notifications directly to their e-mail (or smart phones, if one has a large text capacity).

The Discussion postings in Edmodo work with your reading assignments. In fact, discussion postings comprise thirty percent (30%) of your class grade for a total of 300 points (see grading scheme page).  Each Edmodo group assignment will be worth a certain number of points.  An individual's discussion posting points will depend on the quality of his or her postings up to the total points for the assignment.  Those members of a group who decline to participate or provide little support will receive fewer points.

Within Edmodo, you will find topics that closely align with topics in your textbook readings. In addition, students are invited to submit topics for discussions. The class will be more interesting if the members of the class took some control over topics they find interesting, collectively. Please do not hesitate to contact the instructor with topic suggestions. Be sure that the questions will provoke good discussions and analyses.

Reading and Writing Assignments


Reading and writing schedules can be found in the calendar.  The links to the respective class calendars are found at the top of this page.

Writing Assignments

Submit writing assignments through the drop boxes under the Lessons tab in Canvas.  There are essentially two research-based writing assignments that are broken into three phases:

Phase I: Chicago Style Citation Exercise (100 points):

This assignment is actually a drill that runs through most of the term.  In history, we use Chicago style citation to cite our sources when writing research papers.  Most students who are familiar with style guides are familiar with MLA or APA styles, but are not familiar with Chicago style.  Then, there are students who have never had to learn any style.  In order to get students comfortable with Chicago style, I have set up a drill:

Phase II:  Rough Draft (20 points)

A rough draft must be submitted; thiswill receive 20 points towards the total score for the research paper.  Well before the rough draft ("RD") is due, please read the rubric regarding the criteria for the rough draft will be specified, as well as general instructions regarding writing assignments and paper mechanics.

Phase III:  Final Research Paper (180 points)

Due:  Your final research paper will be due the last week of the term.

Topic:  Must stay within the parameters of this class:


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